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Membership Payment Information.

Austria. Johann Auerbaeck, OE6JAD. Kirschenhofersolg. 120 A-8241, DECHANTSKIRCHEN. Tel. 3339-23335 15 Euro. (for 2023)

Überweisen Sie bitte den Clubbeitrag von 15.- Euro bis Ende Jänner auf das Sonderkonto IBAN: AT82 3804 1000 0001 5156 BIC: RZSTAT2G041 In der Zeile Verwendungszweck: Call und G-QRP Nr.: anführen

New members who join through the year will receive all the sprats so far (and then later the rest) and your membership then falls due on January 1st (with everyone else).
However, new members who join after 31st October will receive (as a bonus), the Winter Sprat and then the four Sprats of the following year where your membership ends on December 31st of that following year.
It is only after October 31st that you may renew your subscription for the following year. You will see the membership rates for the following year published in the Autumn Sprat and on this site shortly after.

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