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Club Sales


Please Read First

GQRP is not a business but a club run by unpaid volunteers. You will find on this page contact details, email/postal, and in some case telephone numbers. Please remember that we have our own family lives, and although we endeavour to deal with your enquiry without undue delay, you should not expect an immediate response. If you telephone and do not get a reply we may be out or indeed on holiday.
Please also note that all items on this page are reserved for fully paid up members only.

We must apologise to our German members - items we send to Germany are being returned by your customs people - unopened. No one (except them) seems to know why. The UK postal service does not know either, and cannot offer any advice! We are, of course, using the correct paperwork!

The GQRP Club has available three kits.

The GQRP Limerick Sudden Receiver, the Limerick Sudden Transmitter Kit, the matching Limerick Sudden ATU.
Please note that the TX and RX kits are just that, and do not together make a TX/RX as they were designed by George, G3RJV, as separate items.

To read more please click the appropriate item above.

Click to read more Sudden Tx

Click to read more Sudden ATU rear

Spectrum coils.

We now stock these coils which are the replacements for some of the popular 10mm 10K TOKO range. Please look at the component list below for the range we hold in stock. We also have a datasheet.



Due to lack of sales of the Sprat on DVD, we have discontinued this item and from now on, the Sprat archive data will only be available in Sprat-on-a-stick form. This is the 9th generation of the Sprat archive and covers issue 1 to 192. The memory stick data uses standards based html and has been produced in-house. It should work on all computers which have a web browser. We suggest that you copy the entire memory stick contents to your hard drive, and then make a shortcut to the "index.htm" file. The magazines are all in "PDF" format, and you will need either Adobe Acrobat (which is not included but can be downloaded for free from here), or any compatible pdf reader such as Foxit Reader.

Price to - members is £5 when ordered from club sales (either by post or paypal). Plus postage of course- £2.00 (UK), £3.50 (EU), £5.00 (DX)

Non-members who wish to purchase a copy of the Sprat-on-a-stick should join the club first.

For UK members, we suggest that you send an email to Graham (g3mfj(at)gqrp.co.uk) requesting one and include your membership number and postal address. He will confirm stock, and suggest that you pay by bank transfer if possible to avoid Paypal fees.

We recommend that overseas members do the same, please check with Graham that he has stock, then order the Sprat-on-a-stick using Paypal.
Whatever country you live in you must pay online in UK Pounds with paypal. The currency conversion will appear on your credit card bill at the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Overseas purchasers, you can use PayPal to order the Sprat-on-a-Stick, but only if purchased directly from the U.K.
Our DX reps do not offer Paypal facilities so please do not request this method of payment from them. 

Perhaps to the low value (which will be stated on the packaging) we seem to get most items direct into the members hands. However, we cannot guarantee that individual countries customs people won’t occasionally make an exception.
We have heard of a case in Holland where an extra charge of Euro 7.21 was levied.
We are selling the “Sprat on a stick” at a very low price to members, so in case of a customs charge, the member ordering should understand that they might have to pay the extra cost.

Members from Spain & The Netherlands please note.
Our EU reps Jon (Spain) and Henk (Holland) are able to take Sprat-on-a-Stick orders ( for their country only) for the price of 11 Euro which includes postage from UK club sales. Please contact our reps direct, but please note this price and service is only available if you are a member of GQRP club. You can join at the same time as ordering.

Members from Australia are able to order Sprat-on-a-Stick from Terry for the price of AU$9.50 which includes postage. This will be for delivery to the Australia only. Please contact Terry direct, but please note this price and service is only available if you are a member of GQRP club. You can join at the same time as ordering.

Members from the USA are able to order Sprat-on-a-Stick from Bill for the price of $15 which includes postage. This will be for delivery to the USA only. Please contact Bill direct, but please note this price and service is only available if you are a member of GQRP club. You can join at the same time as ordering.




Please Note - Component sales are restricted to members only.

Please download our latest component list in Adobe PDF format.

Because of the limited space on the back of Sprat, this list will usually contain more items, and greater detail about them.


Special offers.

Please Note - Special offer sales are also restricted to members only.

Special offers are low quantity items, usually donated by members, but are also obtained by "deals" of low volume items. These are not guaranteed to be in stock for long, but a reasonable time will be left before accepting an offer for single items.

Please wait for your offer to be accepted before sending money!  email Graham

Please download our latest special offer list in Adobe PDF format.

The G3RJV SCD Revisited Project.

This is now being published in Practical Wireless. Commercially made PCB sets are now available to GQRP Club members for £6 plus standard Club Sales postage and packing. Order from Graham just like any other Club Sales items. [Click on Photo to enlarge and see the complete panel].
Click to enlarge

The PCBs will also be available at the Blackpool Rally the Yeovil/Sherborne QRP Convention and our Club Convention at Telford.

Recognising that many Club members will not need the detailed instructions in the PW articles, we have prepared a set of short form instructions.
Those notes include parts lists, circuit diagrams and a few notes to help with specific points.

If you need detailed instructions, please refer to the Practical Wireless articles!
[Many UK public libraries also offer electronic access to Practical Wireless using either the Libby app, Borrowbox or Pressreader.
Ask at your own local library]

PCB orders are limited to a maximum of two panels per member. If you have a specific requirement for a larger number, please let us know what it is and we will work out specific postage and packing costs.



The G-QRP Club Antenna handbook. 2nd edition - over 150 pages of antennas, tuners, accessories etc. The book is in 2/3 A4 format (210 x 210mm) and is a collection of ideas from Sprat and from our internet reflector. Edited by Chris Pearson M0JRQ it is an essential piece of reading for antenna enthusiasts


Drew Diamond - Radio projects Vol 1 (Reprinted, with permission, by the G QRP Club).
Copyright 1995 by Drew Diamond, G-QRP Club edition 2014 : The original and first Radio Projects book. We sold a reprint (Orange cover) for a few years in the late 90s. Now we have had a reprint with a matching cover to the other 3 projects books. Power Supplies - Receivers - Transmitters - Antennas - Test Equipment.Drew's books all include circuits and hints on building a variety of projects - there are many B/W photographs, plans and diagrams of lots of projects and much much more.


Drew Diamond - Radio projects Vol 2 (Reprinted, with permission, by the G QRP Club).
Copyright 2001 by Drew Diamond, G-QRP Club edition 2009 : More of Drew's projects continued on from volume 1. Nothing is repeated, construction data and plenty of diagrams. Lots of hints - a gold mine of information for the home constructor.


Drew Diamond - Radio projects Vol 3 (Reprinted, with permission, by the G QRP Club).
Copyright 2004 by Drew Diamond, G-QRP Club edition 2008 : This third edition has many more projects for the amateur builder. Nothing is duplicated from previous volumes, just much much more of of it. Again all projects are fully described with circuits, diagrams, layouts and construction hints. Another gold mine for the home constructor ham.


Drew Diamond - Radio projects Vol 4 (Reprinted, with permission, by the G QRP Club).
Copyright 2008 by Drew Diamond, G-QRP Club edition 2009 : This is the latest volume of Drew's projects. Again, nothing is duplicated from previous volumes - more receivers, transmitters, antennas and much more. If the third edition was a gold mine, this is a diamond mine of fabulous information for all hams whether beginners, or advanced. We defy anyone to read any of the Drew books and go away without lots of hints and tips they had not thought about before.

(All the above are per book plus postage per book - £3.00 UK, £6.50 EU, £9.50 DX)
Apologies for the postage costs - we do not make any profit from postage
Back issues of SPRAT.
Graham has very few back issues now as they were taking over the store, and as folks were requesting back issues less & less & less, something had to give. He now only keeps, in any quantity, back issues that are later than those that are on the Sprat-on-a-stick - memory stick, (currently 192 or later.)
So, if you want an issue earlier than 192, then you should check by e-mail before ordering!
UK : 1st magazine - 90p + 70p each extra magazine,
EU : 1st magazine - £2.20 + £1.20 each extra magazine,
DX : 1st magazine - £3.30 + £1.50 each extra magazine.
(Again, sorry about the huge postal charges - posting magazines is not cheap!) If you want more than 2 or 3 magazines, then you can ask for an exact postage figure.

(US$1.25) each

Sprat binders The original 'nylon string' type back in stock again - this time with 16 strings per binder although with the size of current Sprats, we don't guarantee that you will actually get 16 copies in them! Black with club logo on spine.
Plus postage. One - £3.00 UK, £4.00 EEC, £6.00 DX.
more than one - add £1.50 UK, £2.00 EEC, £2.50 DX per binder
£6.00 each  


How to Order.

The best way to order is to send Graham an email with a list of your requirements with the current price against each entry. Send it to sales(at)gqrp.co.uk
Graham will reply as soon as he can, with confirmation of which items are in stock, and the postage needed. We prefer payment by Bank Transfer (BACS), cheques, cash or PayPal (in order of preference).

For BACS, the numbers you need are 01-07-44 and 54738210 - THE G-QRP CLUB. (Banks seem to like
that our name is all in capital letters, and sometimes do not recognise our name in lower case).
You may also need to know that it is our No2 account and that we use the Rochdale branch.
Although our account is a club account, it is actually a business account and you may need to know
this if you are doing a bank transfer.
International bank transfers also work. The codes you will need for this are:
IBAN: GB 78 NWBK 010 744 547 382 10 : BIC: NWBKGB2L : THE G-QRP CLUB No2 account, Rochdale

Payments can also be made by cheques or cash. Cheques must be made payable to "GQRP Club".

paypal We also accept Paypal - please see our page explaining how.

Minimum order value for cheques and Paypal is £5, however, you can pay by PayPal for smaller amounts but you MUST select the "Friends/Family/Gift" option when paying, as this will mean that they will send us the full amount and not deduct any charge. This also works for larger amounts and helps the club a little. If you have a smaller order, then we accept cash, postage stamps (1st or 2nd class), or postal orders by post if you prefer this method.

Please note that due to problems with credit cards they are no longer accepted as a direct payment. We can only accept payments with credit cards via Paypal.

If you are not sure about the postage, or whether the items you want are in stock, you may email Graham first - see below.

Cash payments can be made in GB pounds, or US$ bills, or Euro notes only and should be sent to Graham securely. Remember that you do this at your own risk.

Orders may be sent in more than 1 package to keep within postal limits. UK members are asked to pay up to £5 with postage stamps (1st or 2nd class), postal orders (uncrossed), or UK banknotes (please send securely). This cuts down on our bank charges!

You can check stock availability by calling Graham on the number printed on the inside front cover of Sprat, but if he is not there, then you will have to call back. (Please do not expect Graham's family to be able to take orders or even discuss club sales business!). or email Graham

Address orders to:
G-QRP Club Sales
13 Wynmore Drive
LS16 9DQ


Badges. (order from G0EBQ)

click for larger badge photoOne inch metal badge with a bar beneath it showing your callsign engraved in silver on black. These look very nice.To order please print your callsign in block capitals clearly. Delivery is about two weeks.These great badges are £5.00 each ($9). Plus postage - £1.50 (UK), £3.00 (EU), £3.80 (DX). You can order direct from Nigel if you can send him cash, or Paypal direct to nigel.flatman@yahoo.com, otherwise for B.A.C.S, or cheque, or club Paypal, order them via Graham G3MFJ.



Keyrings. (order from G0EBQ)

A leather keyring with a metal fob with a club badge. These keyrings are £3.00 each ($6). Plus postage - £1.80 (UK), £3.00 (EU), £3.80 (DX). If you would like one, please order as for badges above.



Morse Tapes.

G8PG Morse Tapes Resurrected. - click here more details


Updated January 2024