Club Callsign

GQRP Club Callsign - G5LOW

UK Clubs are entitled to hold Full (Club) Licences to enable their members to operate on behalf of the Club by using the Club callsign. The GQRP Club now has a Full (Club) Licence, which is held by the Chairman. The callsign is G5LOW.
The purpose of this document is to explain how Club members can use the callsign.

Who can use it?
The callsign can be used by any authorised Club member who holds a Full UK Licence in their own right; authorisation to use the callsign must be obtained in advance from the Chairman. Ofcom Licence definition of 'United Kingdom' is published at Clause 17(1)(nn): "United Kingdom" means the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Where can it be used?
The callsign can be used anywhere within the UK Licence jurisdiction subject to the appropriate addition of the Regional Secondary Locator (e.g. GM5LOW in Scotland, GW5LOW in Wales). Concurrent use of all regional variations is permitted.
The UK Licence only permits Club callsigns to be used anywhere within the UK Licence jurisdiction (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man). Members cannot use the call outside the UK or whilst maritime mobile.

How do I apply to use it?
Authorisation to use the callsign must be obtained in advance from the Chairman. A short explanation of who wants to use it, the period of use, where it will be located and why it is to be used will suffice.
Applicants must include their Club Membership number and a copy of their current UK Full Licence page showing their callsign. Please note that membership status will be checked.

When is the callsign to be used?
The intention is that the callsign should be used during special events, like the GQRP Club Convention, during special activity periods, like World QRP Day and our Winter Sports, and in contests where clubs can participate. Other uses are not ruled out; these are just examples to illustrate the intention.

How do I know when the callsign is being activated?
A list of planned activations bookings can be viewed here: (external link maintained by G0FUW).

How is the call to be used?
The main aim of using the Club callsign is to show what can be achieved with low power.
Whilst the Club licence is a Full UK licence, it is only to be operated at QRP power levels. There are no restrictions on modes or bands other than the Licence Schedule and the IARU Band Plans.
Members using the callsign must remember they will be seen to be representing the Club.
Users are to keep a log of the use and provide an ADIF file to the Chairman as soon as possible after the use. The Chairman will upload the ADIF file to ClubLog and This is so the Club can keep a record of who has worked the callsign for QSL and award purposes. Advice on generating an electronic log can be obtained from the Chairman.

What is the Club QSL policy?
The Club does not want to receive QSL cards – members using the Club callsign should not request them.
We will use ClubLog as our master log record and keep a copy of the log on our page, which linked to Logbook Of The World. This will enable on-line confirmation of QSOs.
The Club will send physical QSL cards when requested to do so.
These will normally be sent via the RSGB bureau or, for Club members, via the Club’s own QSL bureau.
All requests for QSL cards should be made to the Club’s QSL manager.

Where can I find out more?
If you have any questions about the use of the Club callsign, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman, Steve Hartley, G0FUW via