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Join GQRP Club

For all existing members, membership runs from January 1st to December 31st during which you receive four Sprats. New members who join through the year will receive all the sprats so far (and then later the rest) and your membership then falls due on January 1st (with everyone else).

However, new members who join after 1st October will receive (as a bonus), the Winter Sprat and then the four Sprats of the following year where your membership ends on December 31st of that following year.

Please note.

  • There are no mid year membership renewal dates, everyone renews at the beginning of the year.
  • There are also no multi year subscription options. You can only pay for the current year - until October 1st when we begin to accept renewals for the following year.

You can join by mail or online via Paypal.

By mail we ask you to print out this form and provide all the requested information.
We have international representatives in these countries if you would like to deal with someone local and pay in your own currency:-

United States of America ($20) New Zealand (NZ $30)
Germany (15 Euro) The Netherlands (15 Euro)
Belgium (15 Euro) Austria (15 Euro)
Australia (AUD $28) Spain (15 Euro)
Denmark (115 DKK) Italy (15 Euro)
France (15 Euro)  

Otherwise send the form to Membership Secretary Daphne G7ENA (UK £6, Europe £12, DX £15).

Please only send cheques that are drawn on a United Kingdom bank and make them payable to "GQRP Club". Cheques drawn on a foreign bank are not negotiable in the UK. If you send cash then you do so at your own risk and please do not send coins in any currency other than UK Pounds. Our banks do not accept them.

If you have some kind of anti-spam arrangment (like "Spam Arrest") where G7ENA (or another club officer) has to register somewhere in order to send you an acknowledgement you may be waiting a long time. If you write to any club officer expecting a reply then it is up to you to whitelist their address or check your filter for a reply. Do not expect us to manage your spam problem for you.