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Membership Payment Information.

We now offer Paypal as an alternative to more traditional methods but please only use the special forms for UK, EU and DX payment. Do not use the club sales paypal address for payment. We will ask for an small additional extra payment to offset Paypal charges. This is further explained here.

We have several members in other countries that are able to handle memberships for us in their local currencies. See the above quick link menu.

Payment for more than one year is not permitted. Before November 1st of each year you may only pay for the current year and you may not extend (or renew) your membership beyond.
After November 1st you may join (or renew your subscription) and pay for the following year.

United Kingdom (and DX where there is no local representative).

Cheques: Only cheques drawn on a UK bank may be used and must be made payable to "GQRP Club".
Tony G4WIFMembership is handled by Tony G4WIF, GQRP Club, PO Box 298, Dartford Kent. DA1 9DQ. Subscription currently stands at £6 for UK members. Overseas members should check to see if they have a local representative to pay in a local currency. Otherwise European members who send subscriptions direct to Tony will pay £12 and DX members £13 (pounds sterling). If you send cash it must be UK pounds and you do so at your own risk. Please do not send coins in any currency other than UK Pounds. Our banks do not accept them.

The address label on your SPRAT shows your membership number and your status. The four digit number shows the year end when your subscription runs out. All subs are due on the 1st January each year.

If you are a new member and you join before the end of October you will be a 2018 member and receive all the Sprat magazines for 2018. After November 1st we will accept renewals for 2019 and new memberships for 2019 and your first subscription Sprat will be the Spring issue around March 2019.

Please note: For UK members, standing orders cost the club only only half as much to process. It is also considerably less work for the membership secretary. Membership is over 4000 - would you want to open this many envelopes? The standing order form is always provided in the Autumn copy of SPRAT. Here is the form for next Year (2020) but please be prepared to advise your bank if subscriptions have to rise at some point.

Please do not use this unless you know your GQRP club membership number as it needs to be quoted on the form. Also, please do not use a standing order to join or rejoin the club expecting that we can work out from the limited information on our bank statement who you are. We do not keep old membership records and if you haven't been a member for a while then we won't know just from your membership number where to send your Sprat.

The final "do not" relates to where to send the standing order form. The answer is to your bank and not to any club officer. Email Tony if at all unsure of any of the above.

Please write your membership number on the back of all cheques. You can download a copy of the club submission form (in adobe format) from here. We can now accept payments online - please see

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