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The Spring 2017 Sprat is now being prepared. It will be sent to all members who have renewed by the end of January. Late payers may have to wait another month until G4WIF gets his supply. <more info>

Dayton Hamvention announces 2015 award winners
Technical Excellence: Reverend George Dobbs, G3RJV

George G3RJVRev. George Dobbs, G3RJV, has helped many amateur radio operators build their own equipment. Currently G3RJV writes a monthly practical construction column, “Continuing the Practical Way” for the Practical Wireless magazine and the QRP Column for the Radio Society of Great Britain, (RSGB) magazine Radio Communication. He authored the book “QRP Basics” and jointly compiled the “International QRP Collection” for the RSGB.

Rev. Dobbs was licensed in 1962 and from the beginning used almost all home built equipment for his amateur radio operating. At the end of the 1960’s, after 5 years of student life and very little amateur radio activity, George decided to return to the hobby. To do this he had to progress from his former valve (tube) technology to solid-state circuitry. His inspiration was the series of articles by Doug DeMaw (then W1CER) in the QST. From these articles came his first simple QRP transmitters, and then 30 years of QRP construction!

In 1972 he founded the G-QRP Club, which began with 32 members and is now the largest QRP Club in the world. He has edited the club’s journal SPRAT since 1972. In the 1980’s he wrote many articles on building QRP equipment for the Short Wave Magazine. This was followed by a whole series of QRP projects in the Practical Wireless magazine throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. George is a retired Church of England (Episcopalian) priest living in the northwest of England. George and his wife Jo-Anna (GØOWH) own a wooden lodge in Wales, which they use as a base for exploring Celtic sites.



Subscription underpayments.

If members underpay we will hold your Sprats until we receive the balance. There will be a message indicating any underpayment on your Spring Sprat label. Once you have sent me (or your DX representative) the missing dues your remaining Sprats (to date) will be despatched. Please do not send me coins in non UK currencies, the bank do not like changing them. UK coins you send at your own risk. Please do not just paypal the money without contacting me as I will need to advise you of the correct extra charge to cover paypal administration costs. (G4WIF)

GQRP Club kit information. Following the transmitter and receiver kit style, we now have the Matching Sudden ATU.

The GQRP "Limerick Sudden" 40m Transmitter Kit to match the Sudden Receiver. To read more please go to the special page.

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... and now the matching ATU!

To read more please go to the special page.


Popular antenna book from Ian G3ROO returns and is now available from

Sprat DVD

This is available from club sales. It includes all Sprats up to Autumn 2011.


Sprat 169 - 6/12/2016 - From G4WIF

Sprat 169The current Issue 169 (Winter 2016) was delivered in December. You will be advised here when the new Spring issue starts to ship.

Panic emails to club officers often suggest that Sprat is late. It is not. It is the Spring issue and it is still Spring in the UK. Some years the Spring Sprat arrives in March and other years later in April. That's just the way it works out getting a slot in the printer/distributor schedule. Please understand that bulk mail can be unpredictable so overseas members, please be patient and do not contact G4WIF before the end of the end of March. The UK deliveries should be complete by the (TBA) week of March. If you joined the club after the end of October, your first subscription Sprat will be the Spring issue as you are a "2017" member.

If your neighbour's Sprat arrives before yours please do not assume that yours would have travelled with it. They were probably packed in separate boxes, stacked on the loading dock of Brighton Sorting Office in a different pile and entered the postal system on completely separate days - or maybe different weeks. Overseas members Sprats may travel on different airplanes, ships, mule etc.

Bottom line, it can take weeks and writing to the club in the early weeks can't speed the process at all.

Remember: If your Sprat doesn't eventually arrive - or arrives with pages missing, please contact Tony G4WIF and do not contact other club officers as you will only cause them extra work passing the message back to G4WIF.