GQRP Club News

Any news, of club or members activity, will go here. Most things are allowed providing it's not waiting to go in Sprat. The reason being that there is no point in reading Sprat if you have read half of it here! Please send all website copy to G4WIF (and Sprat copy to G1TEX)

New Club Officers.

The Summer Sprat carries the news that we have a new chairman - Steve Hartley G0FUW. Also joining the team is Tex Swann G1TEX as assistant Sprat editor and Nigel Flatman G0EBQ who takes on the sourcing of the awards and trophies that we give to members.

The Autumn 2018 Sprat is now shipping. <more info here >


Subscription underpayments.

If members underpay we will hold your Sprats until we receive the balance. There will be a message indicating any underpayment on your Spring Sprat label. Once you have sent me (or your DX representative) the missing dues your remaining Sprats (to date) will be despatched. Please do not send me coins in non UK currencies, the bank will not change them. UK coins you send at your own risk. Please do not just paypal the money without contacting me as I will need to advise you of the correct extra charge to cover paypal administration costs. (G4WIF)


Popular antenna book from Ian G3ROO returns and is now available from

Sprat 176 - 11 /11/2018 - From G4WIF

Sprat 173The current Issue 176 (Autumn 2018) is now in the post.

By now, most Autumn Sprats have been delivered.

Distribution of the Autumn Sprat went generally well - except (it seems) to the USA where they finally arrived with members a month after what would normally be expected. We have met with the printers and together with Royal Mail have been investigating the delay. Bulk mail isn’t usually tracked, so much is supposition. Royal Mail has stated that Sprats to all countries were dealt with together, so in all probability, they may have been delayed by US Customs or US Mail. We just can’t be certain. All we can do is apologise to members in the USA for the delay. We hope that this is a “one-off”.
By the end of next week (17/11/18) you should have received your 2018 Autumn Sprat. If you haven’t, please contact me.

Non Delivery Feedback Link.

Email Tony G4WIF if Sprat not there yet.

If you do email, and then your Autumn Sprat should arrive, I will ask you to let me know too.

Email Tony G4WIF if Sprat has now arrived.



Remember: If your Sprat doesn't eventually arrive - or arrives with pages missing, please contact Tony G4WIF and do not contact other club officers as you will only cause them extra work passing the message back to G4WIF.