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Any news, of club or members activity, will go here. Most things are allowed providing it's not waiting to go in Sprat. The reason being that there is no point in reading Sprat if you have read half of it here! Please send all website copy to G4WIF (and Sprat copy to G1TEX)

The Autumn 2021 Sprat is now on the way to members.
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The 2021 GQRP Convention.

To keep up to date on the 2021 Convention on the 4th & 5th September please goto the special page.

73, Steve, G0FUW
G-QRP Club



The Club now has eight trophies which are awarded annually. We also recommend who should receive the RSGB’s G4STT memorial trophy.

The G2NJ Trophy is awarded this year or the best contribution to International QRP and goes to Pete Juliano, N6QW, for his many articles in QRP Quarterly and SPRAT, his YouTube videos and his Blogs.

The Partridge Trophy is awarded for the best antenna article and this year it has been awarded to David Holland, G4LDT, for his article ‘Yet Another Aerial Article’ in SPRAT 185.

The best practical article receives the Gordon Bennett Trophy and this year it has been awarded to Andy Eustace, M0RON, for his article ‘Set up BPF with SDRPlay’, which appeared in SPRAT 182.

Simple articles are always popular with members and the best one receives the W1FB Trophy. This year it has been awarded to Roy Kavanagh, GM4VKI, for his ‘10p super mod’ from SPRAT 185.

The Suffolk Trophy, awarded to the best log submitted for operation on World QRP Day, 14 June, was once again won by Valery Bobrov, RW3AI.

The Winter Sports is one of our most popular activity periods, running between Christmas and New Year. The best log wins the G4DQP Trophy and for 2020 it was received from Chris Osborn, G3XIZ.

The Chelmsley Trophy is awarded for the best log covering the whole of the year, and at a time of minimal sun spots, working anything can be a challenge. This year’s winner is Peter Estibeiro, GM0EUL.

The latest addition to our trophies is the G3RJV Memorial Trophy which was awarded for the first time this year to the winner of our Club Construction Competition, Cor van Rij, PA3COR. Cor’s LCR Bridge will feature in SPRAT, as will the others that were short listed.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, who have been contacted.

The RSGB have announced the winner of their G4STT Trophy at their AGM in April. We are pleased to announce that it was awarded to Dick Pascoe G0BPS.


GQRP Club Youtube Channel

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9th December 2020 our Chairman Steve G0FUW writes:

Folks The time has come to open the doors to the Club's own YouTube channel. There are currently 18 videos uploaded, they are the presentations that were delivered at this year's virtual Convention. Previously, these videos were only available to those who attended the Convention via Zoom, but now anyone can view them on YouTube. The opening session is here:
You can them click on the Club name and find all the other videos. Or click here.
Please note, they are largely 'as seen' and have not had much, if any polish applied. I hope you enjoy the videos. More videos will be added in due course, when we have some. 73, Steve, G0FUW



The club now has its own callsign to activate on special occasions. More Info ...

New Club logos now available:

We are grateful to Phillipe F5SDT for providing these superb logos for use by club members for non commercial purposes. If Dropbox prompts you to log in - then you should select the cancel option - and then you will have access to browse the files.

There are nine new logos to choose from.





You will enjoy the brand new Sprat DVD.
See here for more info.


Subscription underpayments.

If members underpay we will hold your Sprats until we receive the balance. There will be a message indicating any underpayment on your Spring Sprat label. Once you have sent me (or your DX representative) the missing dues your remaining Sprats (to date) will be dispatched. Please do not send me coins in non UK currencies, the bank will not change them. UK coins you send at your own risk. Please do not just paypal the money without contacting me as I will need to advise you of the correct extra charge to cover paypal administration costs. (G7ENA)


Popular antenna book from Ian G3ROO returns and is now available from

Sprat 188 - 14/09/2021 - From G4WIF

Sprat 188The latest Issue 188 (Autumn 2021) has now been sent into the chaos that is the postal system.

Panic emails to club officers often suggest that Sprat is late. It is not. It is the Autumn issue and it looks like Summer hasn't quite finished in my garden here in the UK. Some years the Autumn Sprat arrives late in August and in other years, a little later. That's just the way it works out getting a slot in the printer/distributor schedule. Please understand that bulk mail can be unpredictable so please be patient and do not contact G7ENA until guidance dates provided on this page. For this issue, distribution should have finished by end of September ( pandemic post permitting).

If your neighbour's Sprat arrives before yours please do not assume that yours would have traveled with it. They were probably packed in separate boxes, stacked on the loading dock of Portsmouth Sorting Office in a different pile and entered the postal system on completely separate days - or maybe different weeks. Overseas members Sprats may travel on different airplanes, ships, mule etc.

Bottom line, it can take weeks and writing to the club in the early weeks can't speed the process at all.

Remember: If your Sprat doesn't eventually arrive - or arrives with pages missing, please contact Daphne G7ENA and do not contact other club officers as you will only cause them extra work passing the message back to G7ENA.