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Internet Conference

The GQRP mailing list was founded by members of the G-QRP club as a focus of QRP activity for operators who have access to the Internet in the UK, and further afield.

The list exists for the discussion of technical matters, QRP operating, QRP events and other QRP-related topics. It is intended to be European orientated and in this respect is not intended to replace the existing QRP-L mailing list.

There is a simple but strict editorial policy to keep this a QRP mailing list, not for it to replace, the news groups or any other general discussion forum about amateur radio.

About the mailing list:

The list is provided by "YahooGroups" who assure us that they do not give out email addresses to anyone without explicit permission but you do need to check your Yahoo account settings to ensure you have not given them permission by default. So if you are getting spam messages, it shouldn't be through membership of the list. The YahooGroups terms of service can be read here.

So what about "" we are occasionally asked?
The GQRP club is not moving yet. There is always a temptation to jump onto something new and shiny but have not been around that long and you have to wonder if their business model has longevity while it continues to be free. Yahoo at least monitises when you visit their web pages by showing an advert. If you interact with the group using just email then you don't even see those.

Yahoo is occasionally annoying with the odd duplicate message - but mostly it works and with a group that is bigger than 3000 members you would have to expect a few to object to being forcably moved to another platform - and leave.

With regard to Yahoo's historical security problems. Nowadays, it seems that there's hardly a bank, airline, hotel chain or credit referencing agency that has not had similar issues but you have no need to give Yahoo any information of much import. It is rather up to you whether you use your regular email address or a disposable Gmal account. Just as long as you do not post annonymously or with an obvious pseudonym.
Since 2017 Yahoo have been under the Verizon umbrella - and hopefully better for it.

It is a balance of staying with what works or moving to another platform with no way back.
So for now, we are monitoring the situation.


How to join the mailing list:

1. Subscribe by e-mail:

send an email to the following without subject or text:

to:- - to subscribe to the list.
to:- - to switch your subscription the digest mode.
to:- - to switch your subscription the normal mode.

2. Or surf over to the web sign up page.


After registering, you can choose whether you prefer individual mailings, or the digest version.
Please make a note of your password if you create a Yahoo account!

You will be sent an automatic e-mail asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe.

To post to the mailing list send to

To leave or temporarily suspend from mailing list:

Surf over to Yahoo Groups and after logging in with your e-mail address and password, click on the member centre button. You can change your preferences or unsubscribe from there.

Or ...

send an email to the following without subject or text:
to:- - to unsubscribe from the list.

List House Rules:

This list is run with the approval of the GQRP club, however membership of the GQRP club conveys no rights of membership to the list and GQRP membership is not a requirement to be a member of the list.

By virtue of the GQRP list being moderated, there is clearly some element of censorship in place. Firstly, we ask that you censor your own postings in line with the guidelines you all receive when you sign up (shown below). When postings move outside these guidelines, one of the moderators may rule it "off topic". If that happens there will be no further postings either in support or against, it's simply the way we set up the list to keep the non QRP "noise" to a minimum.

Moderator announcements are few and far between, and mostly we prefer to have a private word "off line". Public announcements will always be polite as we can make them. We've seen more heavy handed approaches on other internet forums and that's not our style. However, please don't take that politeness as a cue to publicly debate the issue at hand, it will not be subject to further discussion when there has been a moderator ruling.

There are currently two main moderators. Tony G4WIF & Graham G3MFJ.
Steve Farthing G0XAR will stand in when Tony & Graham are not available.


Very simply, please bear these in mind when sending mail to the list.

No profanities please.

    Messages should be of direct interest to QRP operators. eg:
  • Technical remarks and discussions relating to QRP equipment.
  • Discussions about QRP operating Announcements of contests, QSO parties etc.
  • Discussion of operating achievements.

Anything else which is relevant and might be of interest to QRP enthusiasts. The Moderator will have the final say as to what is considered relevant.

No anonymous postings please and no pseudonyms. If you can't use your name and callsign (if you have one) then don't post.

There will be no posting of links to web sites where the copyright of material held there is unclear.


If you have a new commercial product - particularly if it is connected with homebrew and QRP then we want to hear about it but please don't post repeat advertisements.

If you want to set yourself up as a seller of second-hand gear, then EBay is the place for you but occasional personal ads are welcome.

Please do not post messages about items for sale on EBay.

If you aren't sure, then ask me off-line.

Things to avoid:

Discussions about Computers, Computer Viruses and Operating Systems. There are a great many authoritive websites on the internet where advice can be sought and countless newsgroups where the subject can be discussed at length. The GQRP list is not one of those places, but subscribers can be assured that they are highly unlikely to get a virus from a list posting. Message attachments are not permitted. If they are sent by a list member they will be filtered out.

The list is not to be used as a public platform to expound your views to the detriment of the other list members. There are plenty of places to air your political views. This conference should not be one of them. The list is not where you go to complain or blow off steam about something, someone, or a business you have had unsatisfactory dealings with.

Please do not over-quote when replying, most people will not need reminding about the message that preceded it. Whenever appropriate, reply direct to the sender (the group default setting) rather than the list. Large footers which may be bigger than some people's postings are certainly not welcome. We do not need reminding of all your club membership numbers and inside leg measurement with every email. Similarly, the kind of legal disclaimers that you see nowadays on company email must be avoided.

Crossposting: This usually occurs when you see something on another group such as QRP-L and decide to include the GQRP group in your reply to that other group. What then follows is an untidy mess of umpteen previous exchanges of conversations (on other groups) complete with a years supply of chevrons (marking quotes) and the whole thing becomes hard to follow. Worse yet if you read your mail on a portable device with small screen. If you see a topic on another group that you would like to discuss with this one, then please start a new thread.

We also do not wish to see advertisements for your antivirus product or what phone you are using. Please turn these adverts off when posting to the group.


Yahoo has written to the list owner suggesting that as we are a busy group some of our older archives may have to be deleted. So please keep these three rules in mind to avoid that happening.

Archives of the list.

The list archives can be browsed on the World Wide Web. You will need to have a Yahoo account and be subscribed to the GQRP list. Point your browser at

Sharing Files and Photos.

Although Yahoo offers a files & photo section we do not allow members to upload files. Instead, members are encouraged to use their own web/cloud space.
There are countless providers of free webspace such as Google/Dropbox.

Any problems?

For queries about the list, send mail to list owner