About the GQRP Club and our History

The G-QRP club was formed by Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV in 1974 to cater for those interested in low power communications after a group used to meet around 3.560MHz. In the year 2000, the club celebrated its 25th birthday. In 1974 the power levels to qualify for QRP was three Watts input. In the mid 1980's, by general agreement throughout the world, the power level of five Watts output (for CW) became the acceptable limit. Note, this level is at the transmitter, NOT at the antenna! For SSB 10 Watts PEP is regarded as QRP.

The club has a quarterly magazine called SPRAT, so called for Small Powered Radio Amateur Transmissions. This magazine is 2/3 full of circuit ideas and 1/3 editorial. It is edited by George, and all ideas circuits and other articles may be sent to him. Few can deny that SPRAT just gets better each year, but even Sprat No.1 was a rattling good read. Each year there are a few gatherings of interest to members. News of these will appear on the Club Diary pages on the club web site and of course, within the pages of SPRAT. The club also tries to attend as many rallies as possible. Keep a lookout for events near you.

Find out how to join the GQRP club here.