QRP Links

Most of these links are to QRP clubs or suppliers - for personal pages please access the QRP web ring. If you have a personal web page then the ring is the place to promote it. Here is a list of members of the ring.

British Sites

GQRP-L Archive
Links to G3YCC tribute sites
Radio Society of Great Britain (not really QRP but they deserve a link)
and their Spectrum Forum.

VMARS Manuals - if it is British and steam powered it may well be here.

UK Kits: Walford Electronics - Cumbria Designs - SDR Kits Jan G0BBL Innovative kits. Kanga Products
UK Component Suppliers: Rapid Electronics - Bitsbox - Cricklewood - Spectrum
Bowood Electronics - JAB Electronic - ESR
Digikey - Farnell - CPC - G3SEK's Component Supplier page.
HobbyTronics - Greenweld - Quasar - AngliaLive

Low scale PCB manufacturers - PCB Pool (UK) - Eurocircuits

Germany - Ask Jan First - QRP Contest Community

Czech Republic - Hamshop

Netherlands - Barend Hendriksen - Elektrodump

Irish Sites EI9GQ Homebrew pages.
Slovenia S5 QRP Club

Spain Spain - EA3GCY Kits

USA American Sites
Amateur Radio Club International - Four States QRP - Central Florida QRP
All Electronics - Tubes & More - MPJA Online - Mouser - Digikey - Newark - HSC - PCS - Electronic Goldmine

Oz Australian Sites