Club Sales by PayPal

Please first refer to the club sales pages for the items and cost. These lists are kept up to date and if an item is not shown there, then it is probably out of stock. You can email Graham G3MFJ first to check stock, or to confirm the postage.

Please note - send PayPal club sales payments to g3mfj and no one else.

Go to the main PayPal page, log in if you have an account and click on "send money", or just click on "send money if you do not have an account. PayPal will guide you through the correct procedure. You do not have to create a PayPal account unless you wish to.

Please make sure that include your callsign, membership number and postal address with the PayPal payment. There is a text box for this on the PayPal page. Also, unless you have already sent your order in a seperate email, include a list of what you are ordering

Payment must be in GB Pounds please. Your credit card will be debited in your own currency at the prevailing exchange rate. Please note that for club sales we have set a minimum order charge of £5 to ensure that we recover some of Paypal's transaction fees.

Please also note that Graham G3MFJ, will, as a matter of course, always confirm a paypal payment. If you don't get an email after a week has elapsed (in case we are on holiday) please email us direct to check the funds have arrived. Just occasionally, PayPal forget to send an email, or perhaps it may get lost. We do not mind being reminded!

Finally, the above applies to Sales only - for membership, please refer to the correct page.